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Moxa Stick for Moxibustion, Golden Moxa Roll Strip Wild Wormwood Moxa Bar for Moxibustion Health Care Heat Treatment…

Premium-we choose wild wormwood in Henan province, where produce Chinese top and most wormwood. select mugwort leaf and deduct steam & impurity substance, in order to make our moxibustion stick more purer. Better Moxibustion-this moxa strip provide you better moxibustion experience: easy to light, burning mild and evenly, cleaner smoke than bad impurity moxa roll. Powerful heat penetrate to acupuncture point soothing, make your warm and relax QianYiDa Brand-QianYiDa specialized in provide superior Chinese moxibustion product, a lot of US moxibustion lover and acupuncturists choose.