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WellnessOne Ionic Zinc Liquid – Immune Support, Skin Care Zinc Supplements for Kids & Adult 100 Day Supply – 15 mg Zinc…

UNIQUELY FORMULATED - This Ultra Pure Liquid Ionic Zinc is designed to support the body's natural defense system. Our specially formulated Organic Zinc Sulfate has a 99% absorption rate. And being Ionic, the minerals are absorbed with a greater efficacy, making the mineral highly available for the body to use. Other zinc supplements are pills, capsules, tablets, lozenges, gummies and softgels; they only have 20%-35% absorption rate. The remaining is waste and filler. Who needs that? EASY TO USE - Our zinc comes with an easy to use glass dropper inside a BPA Free plastic bottle! Which makes it compact and convenient for travel. Easily customize the serving size to fit the nutritional support needs of your entire family. Ideally, add it to coffee, juice, food or salad to minimize the mild-mineral taste. Best of all, Natural Zinc is one of nature's simplest answers in supporting a strong immune system. Blend Zinc and Elderberry to make a great tasting zink syrup for kids. 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our formula is simple. It contains pure and natural zinc sulfate and ultra purified water. That’s it!!! We don’t add fillers or sweeteners that also require preservatives and solution balancing additives. We keep it simple so your body will thank you! It’s a great zinc supplement for adults. Great alternative to Zinc 50mg and Zinc 25mg products.