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ROPALIA Foot Pads, 10 Relief Foot Pads for Better Sleep and Anti-Stress Relief, Natural Bamboo Foot Pad, Cleansing Foot…

Natural Ingredients: These foot pads are made of quality natural ingredients, including bamboo vinegar for better cleaning and sleep function, which can improve vitality. Ginger can promote health, relieve stress and tension, and improve mood effectively. Easy to Use: Put the footpad on before going to bed and wait for 6-8h. The quality ingredients will be fully absorbed. The small amount of residue on your feet can be washed with water. It will help you sleep soundly and let you wake up refreshed. Sleep Aid: Placing the pads on the soles of your feet will keep your feet warm and toasty, thus improving blood circulation and helping to improve the quality of sleep. The footpads can help the body get rid of dampness and cold, relieve muscle tension and physical fatigue, and make the body and mind happy and in a better mood.