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WAYPIN SION Gua Sha Stone, Rose Quartz Guasha Tool for Face and Body Skin Massage, Daily Anti-Aging Health and Skin Care…

This is the most incredible gua sha health massage not only easy to use but also fit the skin all over the body,such as your face,five senses,neck,back body, legs, hands, feet, chin,etc,can improve the microcirculation of the blood vessels, increase the flow of blood, lymph and body fluids.gua sha not only that,It has a certain function of face-lifting and slimming, which is beneficial to skin and body health, and promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis. Material:Made by Premium Pink Crystal, using special processing technology and elaborate,which is more thicker and effective than traditional Gua sha Boards. It has a good function of promoting blood circulation. Shape: Approx 3.25 inch long, 2.17c inch wide,portable and Ultra smooth touch feeling that never hurt your skin.