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Can cancer be detected in blood work?

Can cancer be detected in blood work

Will cancer show in blood work?

can cancer be detected in routine blood work?

It’s complicated to diagnose cancer accurately. It’s because those who are suspected of cancer have to undergo several cancer blood tests or other lab tests as per doctors’ instructions. So, asking a doctor whether cancer be detected in blood work is not suitable. Because blood work can’t reveal whether a person has cancer or not appropriately, yet it gives clues to the healthcare professional and makes it easy for them to understand the condition. Hence, the answer to the question that will cancer show in blood work, then probably no. Blood tests can help the doctor to detect the signs of cancer. Yet it’s not sure that the patient is diagnosed with cancer. Doctors use imaging, biopsies, and chemical analysis to ensure cancer. 

Blood work to diagnose

The samples for blood tests are used to check cancer cells, proteins, etc., that are produced by cancer. Also, blood work is necessary to have an idea for organ functioning. Doctors get a sketch of whether the organs are functioning or affected due to cancer.

  • CBC blood test

A CBC blood test is defined as a Complete Blood Count test. It is one of the most common blood tests. It is basically used to check the quantity in the blood sample of different kinds of blood cells. By assessing this test, one can detect or get an idea that normal blood cells are present or abnormal cells are in high quantity. Also, bone marrow biopsy is used to verify the blood cancer diagnosis. 

  • Blood protein testing for cancer

Blood protein testing is also used to check different proteins in the blood of the sample. It is also known as the electrophoresis test that assists in the detection of immunoglobulins. These are abnormal immune system proteins that can be higher in patients who have multiple myeloma.

  • Circulating tumor cell tests

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved one circulating tumor cell test. This test is used to check and diagnose various types of cancer, including breast cancer, colorectal or prostate cancer. Commonly, a circulating tumor cell test is not used in a clinical setting. 

  • Tumor marker blood test

Tumor cells make chemicals that are known as tumor markers. These are detected in the blood sample. Tumor markers are not just produced by tumor cells but also be made by a few normal cells in the body that can be assessed in the blood sample. Yet, the significance is complicated for detection because elevated levels of tumor markers can also be shown in noncancerous conditions. Therefore, tumor marker test has limitations and can’t work properly to diagnose cancer. The use of a tumor marker test is controversial, and there’s no best way to use it and diagnose cancer yet. 

Bottom line

Blood work can contribute to letting the doctor know about the right condition of organs functioning and signs of cancer, but it can’t detect cancer accurately and independently.

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