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Teaza Herbal Energy Pouches Tobacco Alternative Nicotine Free Dip, Smokeless Alternative Snuff and Healthy Dip Pouches…

READY TO STOP - Ready to stop chewing tobacco as the name says it all. Chillax, redefine the way you dip and stop chewing tobacco with Cool Mint Chill TeaZa Tobacco-Free Pouches best alternative to smokeless tobacco. It contains no caffeine for epic relaxation! (8 Bags - 25 Pouches each) LONG-LASTING FLAVOR - The cool and refreshing flavour has an exhilarating aroma that perks up your mind! TeaZa delivers smooth energy and focus and provides oral stimulation as well as hours of flavour to curb those cravings for snacks or tobacco products efficiently. The cool, crisp minty flavor of Cool Mint Chill livens up your tastebuds but relaxes your mind SMOOTH ENERGY WITH NO CRASH - Unlike other tobacco-free dip varieties, Cool Mint Chill TeaZa Pouches helps promote relaxation, help boost smooth energy, heightened focus, and no crash. Cool Mint Chill TeaZa Pouches contain peppermint leaf and peppermint oil which are naturally rich in vitamin A and antioxidants and have many benefits including freshened breath