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Amazon Basic Care Nicotine Polacrilex Lozenge 4 mg (Nicotine), Mint Flavor, Stop Smoking Aid; Quit Smoking with Nicotine…

ACTIVE INGREDIENT IN NICOTINE LOZENGE: This product contains nicotine polacrilex, a stop smoking aid, which compares to the active ingredient in Nicorette Lozenge. SMOKING CESSATION: Nicotine lozenges are used as part of a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) designed to wean your body off cigarettes. They help regulate, control and gradually reduce your body’s nicotine cravings. QUIT SMOKING: Smoking has two addictive components, a physical and a mental need for the nicotine in tobacco. Nicotine lozenges address the physical need to smoke by reducing withdrawal symptoms, including nicotine cravings.

Amazon Basic Care Nicotine Polacrilex Uncoated Gum 2 mg, Mint, 310 Count

ACTIVE INGREDIENT IN NICOTINE GUM: This product contains nicotine polacrilex, a stop smoking aid, which compares to the active ingredient in Nicorette Gum. EFFECTIVE NICOTINE GUM: For those who smoke their first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up. If you smoke your first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up, use Amazon Basic Care Nicotine Polacrilex Uncoated Gum, 4 mg. HELPS CONTROL NICOTINE CRAVINGS: Nicotine gum reduces withdrawal symptoms, including nicotine craving, associated with quitting smoking.

Amazon Basic Care Uncoated Nicotine Polacrilex Gum 2 mg, Original Flavor, Stop Smoking Aid, 310 Count

ACTIVE INGREDIENT IN NICOTINE GUM: Contains nicotine polacrilex, a stop smoking aid. compares to the active ingredient in Nicorette Gum SMOKING CESSATION: Nicotine gum, part of a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) designed to wean your body off cigarettes; it helps regulate, control, gradually reduce nicotine cravings QUIT SMOKING: Smoking has two addictive components, a physical and a mental need for the nicotine in tobacco; nicotine gum helps reduce withdrawal symptoms, including nicotine cravings

Automatic Electric Douche Enema Bulb, Adorime Rechargeable Cleansing System with 3 Intensities Modes 5 Sprinklers…

Back-flow Prevention Technology - Breaking the traditional way of water supply, this automatic enema device adopts one-way valves to prevent the dirty water from flowing back, making sure that you can enjoy the advanced and hygienic way of cleansing method. Automatic Sprinkler Design - Adopting innovative electric water spray technology, this enema bulb douche has 3 intensity modes, 5 spouts, providing an all-round cleaning method for higher efficiency and easier cleansing process, giving you the best douche experience ever. Multiple Functions - This electric enema bulb is easy to use and effective shower for a thorough hygienic cleansing. Suitable for men and women’s health, ideal for colon cleansing, regular cleaning, helps to get rid of bacterial infection, constipation, to live in a healthier lifestyle.

Automatic Electric Silicone Enema Bulb with 5 Speeds, Adorime Rechargeable Anti Back-Flow Enema Douche Cleaner Kit for…

Anti Back-flow Design for More Hygienic - This automatic douche kit is different from other enema bulb without flow blocking design, which can effectively prevent dirty water from flowing back, making sure that you can enjoy the advanced and hygienic way of cleansing method. 5 Automatic Spraying Intensities - From soothing to intense, this electric enema has 5 automatic modes, meeting your needs of different intensity. In addition, it has 5 nozzles for a full range of cleanings, to achieve higher efficiency and easier cleaning process, provide you with the best purifying experience. Small Nozzle Design for Easy Enter - The smooth nozzle is easy to enter the body, will not scratch the skin, giving you a more assured experience, recommended to use with lubricant. The size of the enema bulb is 2.6*2*10”, with maximum capacity of 210ml. Please stretch it down to reach the maximum capacity.

AZO Yeast Plus Dual Relief Tablets, Yeast Infection and Vaginal Symptom Relief, Relieves Itching & Burning, 60 Count

MULTI-BENEFIT FORMULA for vaginal and yeast infection symptom relief.* Vaginal and yeast infections share similar bothersome symptoms (itching, burning, odor, and discharge).* ONE CONVENIENT PILL. Only AZO Yeast Plus homeopathic medicine combines yeast infection and vaginal symptom relief in one convenient pill.* RELIEVES VAGINAL ITCHING AND BURNING.* 75% of women will experience a vaginal yeast infection in her lifetime, and other vaginal symptoms are even more common.- You can get symptom relief with AZO Yeast Plus.

Balance Breens Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories 600 mg – Intimate Health Support, Promotes Healthy pH Balance – 30…

SUPPORTS OVERALL VAGINAL HEALTH: Balance Breens Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories 600 mg support overall vaginal health. It's an effective care for vaginal odor caused by menstruation, exercise, menopause or other factors. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY pH BALANCE - Our Boric acid suppository help support the vagina's natural balance. Simply insert 1 Boric acid suppository capsule per day using an applicator or your finger before bedtime. If needed use 1 suppository every 12 hours. SAFE AND EASY TO INSERT: The over-the-counter medical grade Boric acid Suppositories are free from any fillers, preservatives and perfumes. Suppositories can easily be inserted using just your fingers. Applicators are available separately for users preferring additional comfort or coordination assistance.

Beauty Life Portable Vaginal Rejuvenation Wand Red &Blue LED Light Anti-inflammatory Device Woman Gynecological…

Vaginal rejuvenation wand, Women gynecological vaginitis treatment . Vibrating massage function.. NO drugs, red and blue LED light therapy device specially for women This device is specially be effective for anti- inflammatory, and tight skin. Fast delivery ,Portable & Convenient Operation: Small and hand-held, specially design for household use. A rechargeable 4300mAh lithium battery inside, when fully charged for 2 hours, its duration time reach 8 days.

Bloom Krans Vulva Harmony Moisturizer: Organic Vulva Cream for Intimate Feminine Care & Health including Dryness & Itch…

Daily Intimate Feminine Care : Women of all ages experience intimate discomfort. Our cream is specifically formulated to soothe, moisturize, and help relieve dryness, itch, pain, and irritation caused by: Bacterial Vaginitis (BV), Hormonal Change, Menopause, Breastfeeding, an Operation, Chafing, and External Irritants. Organic and Natural Ingredients : Bloom Krans keeps its ingredients list simple and easy to pronounce: Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, and Sea Buckthorn Oil. Only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients have been utilized to create Vulva Harmony. Dye-Free, Fragrance-Free, Steroid-Free, Estrogen-Free : With a pH balance of 5.5, Vulva Harmony is free of estrogen, dyes, added fragrances, steroids, or other harmful pH-altering synthetic preservatives.

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp – 10,000 LUX At 12 Inches – LED Sun Lamp Mood Light and Sunlight…

10000 LUX LIGHT THERAPY LAMP (AT 12"). Daylight Lamp provides the recommended 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light. Sunlight lamp includes a safe, glare-free screen, and is a LED therapy light. Comes with a flexible angle stand for optimal light therapy LED THERAPY LIGHT. The Mayo Clinic suggests using light therapy. Our natural light lamp brings you a light therapy lamp that safely and comfortably blocks 99.3% of UV and projects light downward as recommended by experts for maximum effectiveness FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT. MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS. A large sun light lamp that provides superior light therapy. Our light therapy box is based on the model used by global researchers and includes 2 light settings for effective light box therapy.

Compeed Advanced Blister Care 10 Count Mixed Sizes Pads (2 Packs), Hydrocolloid Bandages, Heel Blister Patches, Blister…

Advanced blister care: One pack includes 4 medium, 4 small, and 2 toe hydrocolloid patches; Great for blisters on hands, fingers, feet, heels and toes; Unlike ordinary bandages, Compeed active gel pads offer superior performance and improved comfort Instant pain relief: Provides 10X more pain relief than ordinary bandages; Relieves rubbing, pressure and friction caused by new shoes, high heels, sweaty socks, walking, hiking or running long distances Faster healing: Heals 20 percent faster than ordinary bandages; Compeed blister pads act like a second skin, creating a moist healing environment while protecting blisters from dirt, water, germs and bacteria, helping blisters heal naturally

CURMIO Emergency Medical Backpack Empty, First Responder EMT Bag for EMS, Camping, Hiking, Home Health, Field Trips…

EXCELLENT STORAGE: The main compartment is spacious enough to store your medical supplies like sharps disposal container, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, gauze, etc.. The internal multi-pocket design keeps your first aid supplies organized. FRONT COMPARTMENT: Has multiple elastic loops with bottom slots for small nursing supplies, like tweezers, scissors, penlight, thermometer, etc.. 1 zipper pocket for notebook, medical records. 2 mesh pockets and 2 visible pockets for easily viewing items inside. FUNCTIONAL AND SAFE: With reflective strips for easy recognition in the dark night. Back emergency information window for easy to identify. 2 side pockets and front small pockets for other personal items.