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Why health literacy is important?

Why health literacy is important

Why is literacy important in health and social care

what is health literacy and why is it important?

The idea behind health literacy is an ancient one that makes us know, understand and assess health matters. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Health literacy is defined as the process of communication and understanding basic information regarding health and services. But why health literacy is important? It’s because people who have knowledge about health problems, services, diseases, and solutions can take good care of their own well-being and their loved ones’. They make smart health choices and prefer communicating to healthcare professionals for improved and better health. 

Importance of health literacy for patients

Collaboration is crucial to making better healthcare decisions. Health is not something that should be avoided due to a lack of knowledge. One should take care of their health by exploring information and facts regarding basic health care. Seeking health literacy enhances one’s knowledge to find convenient and appropriate access to care and effectively prevent illnesses and other health-related problems. Those who lack the skill set of health literacy undergo real and harmful consequences.

A nation can’t improve its health system without expanding health literacy. People have to bear personal and national consequences because of their lack of knowledge. They should know when they need to go to the doctor when to take prescribed medication, when there is a need to rush emergency and how to prevent symptoms for any disease before it’s too late. It would be possible once people have health literacy and they start taking it seriously for better and improved health outcomes. Just like other low literacy rates, low health literacy proves to be costly and destructive for the overall country.

Improving health literacy in the community

There is a need to improve health literacy in the common public. Organizing seminars and programs raise awareness among people and let them know about the value and significance of health literacy. People who are health literate also have to suffer due to those who lack knowledge. It is complicated for health literate people as it takes a little while to make illiterate people understand and process things. The national action plan to improve health literacy has a major role to encourage people to understand communication and collaboration with healthcare professionals. It explores different alternative forms for people to understand language and unlocks health information for everyone. People should play their own role to raise awareness by participating in programs. They should listen to systems that work for the improvement of health literacy. It is highly crucial and has a significant role in their life.

Bottom Line

Health literacy is significant because everyone has to face some health issues at least once in their life, and they should have basic health information and services. It protects our health and prevents many diseases and health problems. Knowing basic information about how the body works and medical terms are essential. Instead of avoiding health issues, people should attend health literacy programs. They should adopt interventions for health problems and diseases. Health literacy is not only beneficial on a personal level, but it is also significant nationally.

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